Have you ever felt annoyed by endless scrolling and searching for some movie to watch?

I’m sure it has happened to you atleast once, this week. Drama/action/comedy/romance/thriller confusion, seen or not seen, checking IMDB ratings, google yet another movie list. We usually spend more time searching for a movie to watch then we do watching movies. And if you are a movie buff, it gets even harder to find something new to enjoy. And at the end you start fighting with your boyfriend/girlfriend and the discussion goes from choosing a movie to why haven’t you changed the lightbulb like I asked you 2 days ago?!

That’s why we’ve come up with the idea for this app. We wanted to help people find movies in a fun and fast way.

So how does the app work? You answer questions based on your current state of mind by choosing between three options: yes, don’t care, no. When you click on “yes” and choose the movie, app shows you information related to that movie (movie description, release date, runtime, director, actors, IMDB rating) and you can also watch trailer. You also have the watchlist option where you can store movies for later use.

So, if you’ve experienced this annoying problem, we hope that this app will bring you some value and will make the process of finding movies fun again.

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